Due to high demand, here’s the combined AAA deployment!

I think this may be the highest requested post I’ve had so far. After creating the Dynamic deployment of the App Authoring Agent (AAA for the rest of this post) on Linux using SSH, the demand for a windows, or

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The missing prepare_vra_template

Ladies and Gentlemen following me and my blog, let me say that last week was one of those great weeks here at VMware! They say things coming in 3s well last week that is so very true for me. I

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Updated: Getting More Out of vRA – Session 2

First off, for all those who attempted to attend the session last week, all I can do is apologize! The platform did not serve use well but we are dedicated to getting this out to everyone! See below are the

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Getting More Out of vRA – Session 2

I completely forgot to post for Session 1 but since I’m heading up Session 2 it’s top of mind. Join me to install, configure, and deploy your first VM in less than 2 hours! See below are the details and

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Dynamic install of the app authoring agent

Today in our next Event Broker introduction piece we are going to walk through configuring it to dynamically install the agent needed for Application Authoring (ie our Software components option in the enterprise editions). So what does that really mean? Two

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Enabling the Event Broker

Welcome to 2016 and my first in-depth post about the new Event Broker in vRA7. As you will see through out the coming posts I’m VERY excited by the Event Broker. The power and flexibility that it will provide can

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iPad Pro vs. Surface Pro 4 – Trade Offs Galore!!!

So first let me say I don’t normally do this, I’ve used this blog entirely on educating folks about the amazing automation stack that VMware has enabled both for traditional IT and the new cloud native world. Today I felt

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UPDATED FOR VRA 7: How bout we let users set their default admin or root password?

Well happy new year and welcome to 2016! Between automation releases and cloud native applications activity, it’s going to be a very exciting year for all of us in IT. Ever since I posted it, the “How bout we let

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Photon OS the OVA

You have seen me post about Photon OS in the past and now that TP2 has been around almost 2 months, I’ve been playing around with different aspects. I continue to be more impressed with what we are doing in

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Getting More Out Of VMware Webcast Series On Demand

Getting More Out Of VMware Webcast Series VMware’s technical team will help you gain maximum value from your VMware solutions. These sessions, led by VMware Cloud Specialist Systems Engineers, help you learn about and more effectively utilize VMware vRealize™ solutions,

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